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PC Repair
PC Repair

We repair any type of PC with any problem. We currently work in Honolulu and the surrounding areas, and occasionally work on the other islands. Computer repair is done on-site for the customer or we offer free pickup and drop-off. New business clients also get a 1-hour consultation for free! Our goal is to give valuable knowledge to our customers so their computers run great, even if it means giving away some of our secrets. Even if you’re planning on taking your PC to another repair shop, give us a call and we’ll provide you with free advice to ensure you get it repaired correctly.

We handle data recovery, liquid spills, virus removal, cryptography, forgotten passwords, broken screens, and just about anything else you can think of. Our rate for most computer repair is $249, which includes pickup and drop-off. Sometimes, however, our pricing is lower if you’ve got a simple software issue. For that type of problem, the cost would only be $149 and we fix it right at your home.

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We can also solve some issues remotely. If you have an internet connection and can browse the web, we might be able to solve it right now. For remote support we only charge $49. Click below to receive a call from someone that will make sure it can be solved remotely before you pay.

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