Why Do Computers Slow Down?

Over time, it seems that all computers begin to slow down. Most people think this is the result of added programs and files. The truth is, this is most likely not the case.


If it seems like the latest generation of computers you’ve purchased are slowing down and going bad quickly compared to a PC from a decade ago, you would be correct. This usually isn’t due to excessive programs, files or even viruses on the computer. Most people think that getting their computer “cleaned” will help speed it up. While this may temporarily help, it usually doesn’t last long and is never as quick as it was from the factory. The answer to this is rather disappointing, but you can correct it.

Standard Hard Drive Diagram
Standard Hard Drive Diagram

Hard drives are simple mechanical devices. They’re kind of like a cd drive. Inside, there is a set of spinning “platters” that are read by magnetic read heads. Today these platters have to spin much faster to keep up with our advances in software and games. The read heads are so close to the platter that at times they begin to scratch the surface of the disk. This isn’t a big deal temporarily because the hard drive just moves the data somewhere else on the disk. The problem is that as time passes the read heads have to jump back and forth much more than they normally would have and this, in turn, slows your computer down dramatically. This also means that eventually, all your pictures and files will be corrupted. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Some lucky users have their hard drives last for many years, but on average, today’s standard drive will last a maximum of 5 years.


Solid State Drive
Solid State Drive

We recommend installing a Solid State Drive. SSDs are not mechanical storage devices, they’re whats in your phone, SD cards, and thumb drives. SSDs are usually at minimum 10x faster than traditional hard drives. They don’t go bad over time. They make your PC or mac run cooler. They provide a much longer battery life (no more spinning). Everything about them is very efficient. Unfortunately, most new computers still don’t come with them, but almost all can be upgraded to one.


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  1. Tim Rodriguez Reply

    This is very true. I can’t count how many times I’ve lost my pictures and documents on a laptop. SSD was the way to go!

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